Faith Matters: Troy University to Open Values-Oriented Residence Hall


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University is on schedule to open the school's first values-oriented residence hall this fall.

The university's newest dorm will be a faith-based residence hall, where students can come together to worship.

The students of Troy University's Catholic Newman Center meet several times a week for Bible study and lunch in the cafeteria, but the group's missing one thing: a permanent home.

"Next year, we're going to be able to like have socials right there on campus, you know, and won't be traveling to the parish or you know, in some random building, we'll have our own space," said Father Den Irwin of Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Troy which serves the on-campus ministry.

The 376-bed residence hall is faith-based


, which means it will be drug and alcohol free. To live there, students must be part of a faith community. Inside, a 2,300 sqaure foot chapel or Newman Center will be open for students to pray and worship together.It's an opportunity to have a community of faithful people, to be morally uplifted, to be able to pray together and talk about god whenever you want to," said Becky Allbritton, who plans to move into the new dorms.

"I think it would be nice to be able to live in a place where I would be with my church friends, my church family, and that's very different being in college, because for the past two years, being in college, living in a regular room, it's been me and a roommate, not really me and a family

Students don't have to be Catholic to move in, though. Brandon Palermo is Baptist, but he says he plans to move into the new dorms, because of the spiritual experience. "I


," said Stella Burak, a sophomore.'ve done several things with the newman center as a group, and i've felt very included, and it's just, I think it's just a great experience overall," he said.onstruction should be completed on the dorm later this year, and the university hopes to open it officially to students this fall.

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