Faith Matters: Lutherans in Montgomery


By Josh Ninke

There are nearly 70 million Lutherans across the world. While they're known for being a very traditional denomination, they're taking steps to bring in a contemporary crowd.

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Montgomery started out as a small mission church in the 1960's, but has expanded to a full church.
The Reverend Carey Elam says he gets asked all the time what Lutherans are, and he points to the founder of the faith, Martin Luther.
"He was a Catholic priest at the time. He, looking at Paul's letters to Romans, found that we're saved by grace through faith and not by works," said Rev. Elam.
One of the things that defines the church is its sense of tradition. The worship services involve a lot of responsive readings taken from the Bible. 
"We follow a liturgy, we're very rich in tradition, heritage, and symbolism. Everything we do in our traditional service is taken from scripture. It's a beautiful, it's over 500 years old, the service."
But more and more of today's Christians are drawn toward non-denominational worship services with contemporary music. St. Paul started its own contemporary service, but not without some argument within the church. 
"We had the traditionalists saying no, you can't do it that way. We've had it this way for 500 years. We've fought those battles here. Everybody pretty much is on the same page and understand and see wow, it does make a difference."
If you're interested in finding out more about the Lutheran church, you can head to St. Paul's website at


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