Church Feeds Hundreds Hot Meals in Covington County


By Catalina Trivino

While many spent their Thanksgiving at home with a hot meal, dozens of Covington County volunteers made this a day of work to prepare and serve hundreds of Thanksgiving meals.

Several churches and groups in Covington County donated money to St. Mary's Episcopal Church for what they call, "Jo's Community Dinners" -- giving hundreds of people in need a taste of love.

"I've got turkey, a roll, beans, dressings, salisbury, and sweet potatoes," Said Andalusia resident, Wayne Capers.

"Yeah, my favorite is the sweet potatoe," Said another Andalusia resident, Nina Petty.

Every Thanksgiving fixin'. Piled high -- plate after plate. Thanks to volunteers across Covington County who came to St. Mary's Episcopal Church's Thanksgiving lunch. George Proctor, a volunteer who has helped for 15 years, says each meal is made with love.

"I personally feel we are and I am simply doing our best to follow Jesus' command to be concerned about those who have less than we do," Said the Proctor, who is also a member of St. Mary's.

All of the food was donated to serve the 300 people expected to come through their door --including Nina Petty and her family.

"I guess I'm blessed. You know, to get a meal and all so... I just thank God," Said Petty.

And they've been doing this for more than 20 years.

"When I came up here Tuesday, you know, they were chopping the celery and cooking the chickens to make chicken broth for the dressing. I mean, everything is from scratch made with hands that, you know, are controlled by love, basically," Said St. Mary's rector, Cindy Howard.

And when they leave, their stomachs are full for the day. A day not just about turkey, but also about togetherness.

"It's a wonderful thing because it allows people to step out of their box and to talk to other people that have different shoes, walking different shoes. So they can really appreciate what they have and not look down on others who have less," Said another Andalusia resident, Lisa Bassett.

Next month, they'll be doing this all over again on Christmas Day. You can contact the churhc if you're interested in attending St. Mary's Christmas Dinner at 334-222-2487.

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